Top 5 Ways ContractorCerts Contractor Software Helps Manage SubContractor Paperwork Headaches

You didn’t become a contractor because you love paperwork, but unfortunately keeping track of all the necessary documents is a critical part of a contractor’s job. ContractorCerts was created by a bookkeeping firm with over fifteen years’ experience serving clients in the construction field.

We have seen clients struggle to keep all their important paperwork organized, so we came up with a better way of doing things with out contractor software. Here are just some of the ways that we can help eliminate the stress so you can get back to building.

  • Save Time

Managing multiple projects as well as all your subcontractors means you have to spend a lot of time organizing and setting things up, but not with ContractorCerts. Our system offers easy to set up email templates, document tracking and a connection engine so you don’t have to waste time sifting through papers.

  • Easy to Use

You don’t have to be a tech wiz to use ContractorCerts. Our series of short video tutorials will walk you through every feature so you can be an expert. All the information you need will be organized for you and is just a click away. Making gathering important documents easier than ever.

  • Secure

All the information you put into ContactorCerts is encrypted with the same level of security as online banks, so there is no wondering if your information is safe. For an added level of security, your documents are also automatically stored in the cloud where you or an approved member of your team can retrieve it making the headache of backing up your data disappear.

  • Lowers your Risk

Licenses, insurance and contracts are just a fraction of all the necessary paperwork you have to keep track of.  With so many essential documents that contractors must have organized, and so many different people you have to rely on to compile them, it’s no wonder why document tracking is one of the most dreaded jobs in the office. If you don’t have the right documents and something were to happen on the job you could be putting not only your company but even your family at risk. ContractorCerts helps keep you protected by providing at-a-glance reporting so you know exactly what documents you have, which are expiring, and what documents you still need in one easily accessible place.

  • Portable

Anywhere can be your office with Contractor certs. Our mobile friendly option allows you and other members of your team to check the status of any document, manage clients and pull from email templates so you can get what you need from a subcontractor anywhere and anytime.

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