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Feature rich, robust, and easy to use! ContractorCerts takes the guesswork out of document tracking and puts control and compliance back in your hands.

Track Documents

Easily track the most common must-have documents from your subcontractors, like:

  • W9
  • General Liability
  • Workers' Compensation
  • CSLB license card
  • Auto Liability
  • Subcontractor agreements
  • Emergency contacts
  • NDAs, contracts, waivers, and releases.
  • and more!

In fact, you can track any critical document you need to by setting up your own custom document types!


Email Templates

Gone are the days of searching through your Sent box to see what phrasing you used the last time. With ContractorCerts, you can easily create email templates for all of your document requests.

Need to request that a subcontractor sends you documents? Setup a template for that and you’re done.

Need to have a subcontractor review, sign, and return a contract? Setup a template and it’s there for the next time.

ContractorCerts automatically selects the common documents that are due so you don't even have to check them off!  Send a customized request to a sub in seconds! ContractorCerts pulls up their info, auto-populates the correct fields, and selects the documents needed.

You just choose the sub and click send.

Reminder Alerts

Nothing falls through the cracks.

Once you make a request, ContractorCerts will:

  • Remind you if the subcontractor failed to respond.
  • Alert you when documents are about to become due or if they've expired, and you can set custom reminders for when you’d like to be alerted. (You can even define when to be alerted when requests go unanswered, whether it’s two days or 10 days so you can send nagging reminders that you need those docs!).

With our Reminders Dashboard, you are greeted each time you log in, so you can get a quick overview of what’s happening in your document world.


Store Documents

All documents uploaded to your ContractorCerts account are:

  • Saved in the cloud
  • Accessible to anyone you choose, on any device.
  • Downloadable on demand
  • SSL-encrypted with the same level of security used by online banks. Industry-standard physical and remote security is administered at our secure datacenter facilities.

Manage Your Process

Multiple members of your team can use ContractorCerts simultaneously, so everyone can be on the same page regarding the status of a subcontractor and which documents may or may not be needed.

With an audit trail record for each sub, you can see who requested what documents and who uploaded which documents for which sub, and when. You can even look back and see a copy of the original request that was made with a time/date stamp.


Make Connections

Link subcontractors to projects and link projects to clients.

Utilizing our powerful Connections Engine, you can drill down in the reporting section to focus on one project at a time. You can view which subcontractors are on assigned to a specific project and make sure you have all their documents (insurance certificates, signed contractors, license copies, etc.)  before they even set foot on the job site.

Customize & Send

Make templates for any situation, like sending your own documents to a client, requesting documents from a subcontractor, or having your broker send your documents to a client on your behalf.

Options include:

  • Send Via Email
  • Send Via Fax
  • Print & Mail

The templates even include the ability to preview and edit on the fly.


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